Issues & Political Concerns

My primary political belief is "You = Me".  This goes for every breathing human being, without exception.

I am running for office because I have been genuinely inspired by my community to represent us.  Over the last 3 years I have been a front line manager at Alyeska Resort which has provided me with a window to the heart of our district.  I punched the same clock as the working class housekeepers, retailers, accountants, and servers, then headed into work to provide a fun social environment for wealthy folks and ski bums alike who are enjoying the same outdoor activities alongside each other.  We all come from different places and walk different paths, but there are always some common grounds upon which we can all agree.  I see the good in all people, and will find that common ground.






New Energy Initiatives

Protecting the Great Outdoors

Our environment is the primary reason most of us call Alaska home.  It is downright gorgeous out here.  Maintaining our state parks, recreational areas, and community centers is essential in guaranteeing the quality of life that we as Alaskans have become so accustomed to.  In protecting our natural wilderness areas, we are also protecting our economy by ensuring the success of one of our largest industries, tourism.

A Better Future Now

Education is the foundation for a thriving society.  As technology continues to advance we see nearly everything in our lives become faster and cheaper.  Why then do we continue to accept putting our children into crippling lifetime debt, in order for them to read books and listen to lectures?  Funding education is non-negotiable.  We need to take a strong stance against rising costs.  If the desire to learn exists, cost should never be an inhibiting factor.  We need to correct this.

Smooth Transition

Oil and Gas are our bread and butter here in Alaska; however, it is a non-renewable energy source and a key contributor to climate change.  Instead of depending so much on one industry, we should diversify.  I support natural gas pipeline initiatives that would create jobs and provide the state with a new source of energy and revenue as we transition into sustainable and environmentally conscious energy solutions.