My Story

I am the son of an educator and an aeronautical engineer.  I was raised with a strong understanding that we as human beings create our own reality here on Earth.  If we want something, we must work to understand it and build it ourselves.  I am always dreaming about tomorrow and asking the question "How can we make this better?" 


I first set foot in Alaska over 10 years ago, and that love-at-first-sight feeling has never left me.  Growing up as an Eagle Scout, Alaska was always something I'd dreamt about.  I've been lucky enough to  travel across the state for a multitude of jobs on the North Slope, up in Denali, down in Girdwood, and Anchorage.  My experiences throughout Alaska have provided me with insight into 2 of Alaska's core industries: Oil & Gas and Tourism.

I graduated from the University of North Florida with a degree in Business Administration, minoring in Entrepreneurship. During my studies I held an internship with a private consulting company, The Pincomb Group, where I was able to help turn an idea into a profitable business with Classroom Technology Solutions (

Upon graduation I secured a camp management position on the North Slope with Doyon Universal.  Camp Management is basically a hotel general manager for the oil field housing units.  At a camp of 412 beds, I was responsible for coordinating all of the catering, security, maintenance, and housekeeping services.  I loved working on the slope!  The weather and remoteness provided endless challenges that made my 2-3 week hitches fly by.

After a few years on the slope I was ready to be home for a while and I accepted a position with Alyeska Resort as a Food and Beverage Manager.  I am so blessed to have held this position because it allowed me to truly meet the people of our district.  Not only the working class folks behind the scenes at the resort, but the customers of all walks of life, income levels, and political views.  If you live in our district you will likely recognize me as a friendly face who has already served you in some fashion.  I look forward to serving you and your family again; this time as your State House Representative.

It's been 10 years since I first came to Alaska, and my bucket list still seems bottomless.  Here are some pictures to provide a glimpse into my relationship with Alaska.


Personal Life